Welcome! Welkom! Lyk it! Siyaalemukela!
Amogela! Amohela! Sondzela! U amukeriwile!
Vho ­^tanganedzwa! Amkela! Emukela!

Bidding you welcome see, s’right said h’in all the h’official languages of the Republic h’as gotta make it h’offical!

Dear All,
This has been the most difficult letter to compose. And, when a letter starts like that, it really can’t get much better. As old Nan used to say, “Cough it up and spit it out!”

So it is with the deepest regret and a heavy heart that we must announce the cancellation of the 2014 First South African Discworld Convention. Circumstance is dragging us, kicking & screaming, out of the Century of the Fruit-bat, and try as we might this is the reality we must face.

The decision has come with much discussion within the committee, and with our Overseas Contributors, Mr Boote & Mr Pearson, as to how we might rescue the endeavour. However, the two main problems that the Convention has had to face are,

  1. A lack of funding support from within South Africa. The convention is an NGO which has attempted many letters, meetings and requests for funding and support from various companies. With regards to catering, media support, promotions, function halls, etc. Unfortunately, Sir Terry Pratchett & Discworld do not generate as much enthusiasm and marketable clout amongst the top decision makers in SA as one would hope.
  2. Sir Terry’s health. Another unfortunate reality is that it would be too arduous for Sir Terry to make the 12 hour flight to SA. Needing 2-3 days to rest & recover in both directions, this would take too much time out of his work schedule. Both the Irish & Polish Conventions have had to face the same reality.

All is not completely lost, the SADWCon continues and we still intend to host event days, picnics and pub-quizzes that celebrate the wondrous works of an amazing author. Please keep track of us on Facebook and as always, any volunteers interested in joining the committee are welcome to contact us. The pub-quizzes specifically can be found as “The Rolling Drummers”.

For the early birds who have already bought tickets to the event, our sincerest apologies for the unfortunate turn of events.

Yours sincerely,
Chairman on behalf of the SADWCon Committee